5 Benefits of Living in a Single-Story Home

Benefits of Living in a Single-Story Home

The single-story home has exploded in popularity in recent years. Perhaps it’s due in part to the massive Baby Boomer population that’s buying 1-story homes for retirement. But retirees and seniors aren’t the only ones who love single story properties. Communities for all ages have been building more one-story houses and condos in recent years to keep up with demand. In this article, we examine five reasons why single-story real estate rocks!

Benefits of Single-Story Homes

No Stairs = Senior & Kid Friendly

This one seems obvious, but it shouldn’t be overlooked. Think of the relief you’ll feel when you don’t have to worry about getting aging parents or grandparents up and down the stairs during holiday gatherings. Stairs not only pose a threat to older individuals, but children and toddlers can get injured going up and down stairs, as well.

Adults love the no-stair floorplan too, because now you don’t have to carry laundry baskets and furniture up or down the flight of stairs. Moving into a 1-story home is also much easier than a 2-story or 3-story home, especially if you’re doing it yourself. 

Open Concept Floor Plans

The open concept floorplan has been ‘in’ for a while, and it’s not likely to be replaced any time soon. 1-story homes maximize the square-footage available and can feel larger than two-story homes. Some homes have vaulted ceilings, which can make the space feel bigger yet more inviting. Having all that usable space is a major advantage! 

People who enjoy entertaining guests also benefit from living in a one-story home. Everyone can get together and have plenty of space for socializing, eating and being entertained. Another reason people like single story properties are that some come with taller windows and therefore, more natural light shines into the home. 

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Better Use of Energy

When you only have to heat and cool one story, you can save big on utilities and waste less energy. In states where it gets really cold or extremely hot, this is a major benefit. Beside the cost saving, you can feel good knowing that you’re using less energy and therefore, being green and helping the planet.

Benefits of Single-Story Homes

High Resale Demand

Because of the demand for one-story homes, it may be easier to sell your property when the time comes. In some markets, 1-story homes are finding premium selling prices because there aren’t as many available and demand is high. 

While it’s not guaranteed that your home will sell for more because it doesn’t have stairs, with the enormous aging population continuing to buy 1-story homes there’s a good chance of retaining or appreciating value in your asset.

Easier to Maintain

Having everything on one floor can make maintenance and upkeep simpler. It’s much easier to clean one floor instead of lugging the vacuum up and down the stairs. A more efficient 1-story floorplan may also have less appliances and fixtures like toilets and sinks to fix, which can make property maintenance cheaper. 

What Do You Like Most About 1-Story Homes?

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