6 Benefits to Owning a Home with RV Parking

Benefits to Owning a Home with RV Parking

If you own an RV, you’re familiar with the problem of where to store it. Between private storage facilities, storing it at a friend or family member’s property or trying to squeeze it into your driveway, parking your RV can be a real headache. However, you always have the option of buying a home that has space for your RV. Whether it’s a covered RV garage, concrete pad or just space alongside the house, here are six benefits to owning a home with RV parking.

Convenient Access to Your RV

When your home has RV parking, taking out your recreational vehicle no longer has to include a tangled web of logistics. This really simplifies things and will enable you to use the RV more often, which isn’t that why you bought it in the first place? Now, you don’t have to get a ride to the storage center or let anyone know you’re coming to pick it up. It’s as easy as walking out of your home and stepping into your RV, with the open road as your next destination.

Don’t Have to Pay Storage Costs

Buying a home with parking for your RV saves you money on storage fees. RV storage facilities typically charge you monthly, which can really add up over the years. Less formal storage situations - such as a friend’s house or land - cost you too, even if it’s less than a professional facility. You may be paying them cash on the side or creating an IOU situation, where now you have to repay the favor at their beckoning call. Instead, consider owning a home with RV parking and you never have to pay for storage again! 

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Less to Worry About

Depending on your parking or storage situation, you may be worried about the security of your RV. As you know, these aren’t cheap investments. The last thing you want is for someone to be messing around with and vandalizing it or trying to steal your prized possession. When you have RV parking at your house, you can be in control of the security and safety of your vehicle. Better yet, a home with a secure RV garage solves much of the security dilemma.

Owning a Home with RV Parking

Camp Out at Your House

Another fun benefit of parking your RV at your home is that you can camp out in it whenever you want! Having trouble sleeping in your bed? Go spend a few nights in the camper and enjoy the change of scenery. Having your RV at your house can create fun memories with friends, as you can stage a mock camp-out complete with dinner and smores around the campfire. Bet you can’t do that at your RV storage center! 

Visitors Have Their Own Place to Stay

Have family or friends in town staying at your place? With your RV on the property, you can host more people or give your guests extra privacy by offering the RV as a place to sleep. This is always fun for visiting children or grandchildren, who will always remember fun nights sleeping in the RV. Be sure to check with your neighborhood association or HOA, as this practice is prohibited in certain communities. 

Resale Value

Extra space for parking, especially for recreational vehicles, is a bonus when it comes to selling your home. No matter if the buyer has a large RV, boat or ATVs, the fact that your house has RV parking may be attractive to them. And if you want to get full asking price, having parties who are very interested in specific features certainly doesn’t hurt. Don’t overlook this benefit to owning a home with RV parking. 

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