Are 55+ Homes Cheaper or More Expensive?

Are 55+ Homes Cheaper or More Expensive?

When contemplating buying in a 55+ community one of the first thoughts you may have is about the cost. Will it be cheaper or more expensive than buying outside of a 55+ community?

Are 55+ Community Homes Cheaper?

The simple answer to that question is it depends. There are several factors that need to be figured in when trying to determine if buying within a 55+ community will be cheaper or more expensive than buying in a non-age-restricted neighborhood.

Here are a few main points that influence the cost of 55+ community homes.


Most 55+ communities in Las Vegas come with amenities that can’t be found in typical neighborhoods. Many have swimming pools, fitness centers, and tennis courts, but some have extensive offerings like beauty salons, theaters, and general stores onsite.

The more amenities the community has, the higher home prices may be, and likewise, the less amenities in the community, the more affordable homes may be although this is not always the case depending on where you're looking. Similarly, the type of 55+ community will also factor into the cost of a house. The houses in a luxury 55+ community, such as Regency in Summerlin, will be more expensive than those in a standard 55+ community.


The location of the 55+ community will have a big impact on the price of the houses within the community. Many 55+ communities are built in remote areas to allow enough space for neighborhoods and amenities.

This remoteness means the location may not be ideal and may be further away from shopping and entertainment, but that can significantly reduce the price you pay for a house. The closer the community gets closer to towns or cities may drive the price up.


The condition of the market will also be a factor in whether a house in a 55+ community will be cheaper or more expensive. The upside is that there will usually be less competition for homes in these communities because buyers must be 55 or older. However, the number of houses for sale can slide the price scale in either direction.

If there are multiple houses in a 55+ community, such as Sun City Anthem, on the market at the same time, the prices may decrease due to the smaller buying pool created by the age restriction. Alternatively, if there are fewer homes in 55+ communities on the market, the prices may be higher, and you’ll have less power to negotiate the price depending on the market.

Monthly Expenses

The Homeowners Association Fee (HOA) will affect your cost as well. HOA fees in a 55+ community go towards the cost of amenities and maintenance. Home maintenance, neighborhood upkeep, running and sustaining all the on-site features like a swimming pool, golf course, or fitness centers comes at a cost.

The HOA fee you pay each month or quarter helps fund these, so depending on what amenities the community has, you could be paying anywhere from a few hundred dollars a month to over a thousand a month. And that price can change at any time, HOA fees aren’t locked and can change yearly, and even quarterly.

For example, a retirement community like Sun City Summerlin has HOA fees that cost less than $200 per month (at the time of writing). Whereas some luxury 55+ communities will have HOA fees $500/month or more.

Conclusion - Buying in a 55+ Community

All these factors can sway the cost of housing and should be taken into consideration when purchasing a home in a 55+ community. Using this information, doing your own research and working with your buyer’s agent can help you make the most educated decision and find the best deal on a house that is right for you.

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