Are Grandkids Allowed in 55+ Communities?

Are Grandkids Allowed in 55+ Communities?

When it comes to 55+ living, the appeal is obvious. Residents who live in active adult communities prefer to be in a neighborhood of people around the same age with shared interests, hobbies, and routines.

While the peace and quiet of a 55+ community are highly sought after, there’s nothing more enjoyable for a grandparent than when their grandkids come to visit. When considering buying a home in a 55 plus community be sure to inform yourself of the rules and regulations of outside visitation.

Are Grandkids Allowed in 55+ Housing?

The short answer is yes. However, this generally pertains to visiting only, and not permanent stays. Most age-restricted communities have rules that say each household (or a certain percentage) must have a resident age 55 or older. So if you are a resident of a 55+ community and you want your grandchild to visit, there are many opportunities for this to be a reality for you.

The Fair Housing Act of 1968

Housing policy in the United States is governed by the Fair Housing Act of 1968. This law ensures buyers and renters are not discriminated against based on a number of statuses such as race, religion, nationality, or disability.

However, age is not protected under this act, therefore, it is up to management to set limits on who can live in 55+ communities. Regardless of this, retirement communities encourage families to come and visit. Some even have playgrounds and other amenities for families to be entertained.

Exemptions to 55+ Living Regulations

Each 55+ community has different regulations regarding grandkids. The Housing for Older Persons Act of 1995 established the 80/20 rule, which provides exemptions to family status nondiscrimination if a retirement community meets these conditions.

The conditions are at least 80% of the occupied units include one resident age 55 or older. The remaining 20% does not have to be of the 55+ age, and it is up to the communities to decide whether or not they want their neighborhoods to have some wiggle room.

However, the most common regulation you will find in each age-restricted community is an age minimum set to 18 for a child to be living there. Each retirement community can also set guidelines for how long underage visitors can stay with each resident. In conclusion, the answer depends on the community in which you live in.

Can My Grandchildren Visit Me in a 55+ Community?

Grandkids are allowed in 55+ communities to visit their grandparents, it is just up to the community to decide how long that visitation lasts.

As for permanent living, it is rare you will find a 55 plus community that allows young children to live there full time. For caregiving purposes, the more relaxed 55+ communities will allow adult children of 18 years or older for caregiving purposes.

There are a lot of regulations to navigate when deciding on a 55+ community in Las Vegas (or elsewhere). Make sure to ask your real estate agent about the common formalities and restrictions for the active-adult community you’re interested in. That way, you can find the perfect community for you and your family's needs.

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