7 Best Las Vegas Flea Markets

Best Las Vegas Flea Markets

Searching for bargain treasures and unique items you can’t find in regular stores? You might want to try looking at a flea market or swap meet. Here’s a list of the 7 best flea markets and swap meets in Las Vegas, NV!

Where are Flea Markets in Las Vegas?

Rancho Swap Meet

The Rancho Swap Meet is an indoor flea market in Las Vegas that’s open every day but Tuesday where you can find vendors for food, antiques, jewelry and gold, clothes, electronics and other discount items. It’s located in central Las Vegas, so it’s convenient to get to from many areas of the city.

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Charleston Indoor Swap Meet

Want to browse an indoor swap meet in Las Vegas? Try heading over to the Charleston Indoor Swap Meet, where you can find local vendors and a wide variety of products, goods and tchotchkes. The admission is free, and the center is open every day but Tuesday. You will travel to east Las Vegas where you will find the indoor strip mall.

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Fantastic Indoor Swap Meet

One of the very best flea markets in Las Vegas is the Fantastic Indoor Swap Meet. This massive 125,000 square foot center offers more than 600 booths and a shopping experience that’s hard to forget. You can find just about anything imaginable at this Vegas swap meet. Open Friday – Sunday from 10am – 6pm.

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Broadacres Marketplace

One of the most famous flea markets in Las Vegas is the Broadacres Marketplace, located in North Las Vegas. There are over 1,000 vendor spaces where you can find everything from produce to locally made nick-nacks. There are six restaurants on the premises and plenty of food stands. Beside the shopping and food, there is a large stage for entertainment and live music. Broadacres Marketplace is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday inside the massive red barn.

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Eastern Indoor Swap Meet

The Eastern Indoor Swap Meet in Las Vegas is an indoor market in the Northeast Las Vegas area with local vendors and live music on weekends. There’s a large selection of merchandise and other affordable items at this Las Vegas flea market.

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Las Palmas Indoor Swap Meet

Calling itself the best indoor swap meet in Las Vegas on its Facebook page is the Las Palmas Indoor Swap Meet. Located in Northeast Las Vegas, you can find clothes, nail supplies, beauty products and other items. For discount products and affordable shopping, check out the Las Palmas Indoor Swap Meet.

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Boulder Highway Swap Meet

The Boulder Highway Swap Meet in Las Vegas is a place where you can enjoy an affordable, family-friendly shopping experience. If you’re looking for resale and discounted items sold by local vendors and shopkeepers, check out this flea market in Las Vegas!

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