Best Work Opportunities for Retired Seniors

Best Work Opportunities for Retired Seniors

Retiring doesn’t have to mean sitting on the porch, watching the grass grow. Whether you want to supplement your income or just keep busy, why not find flexible work instead of heading out to pasture? Having a better retirement is all about the lifestyle you choose to live, no matter if you move after retirement or live in the same place. Here are three great opportunities for making money that still leaves you with plenty of leisure time. 

Find Part-Time Opportunities

Experts note the role labor plays in making people feel focused and useful, and there are psychological benefits to working alongside others. Looking at your previous career experience may point you toward a fulfilling job even when you no longer want to work full-time. 

Putting in a few hours a week as a sales associate, fitness coach, or tour guide taps the people skills you learned during your first career and provides you with both income and social interaction. Startups or small businesses are frequently keen to bring on part-time staff to provide manpower while keeping a lid on costs, and seasonal employment is often available in front-facing jobs so you’ll still have plenty of free time. Watch for “Now Hiring” signs in your community, and check local and internet job boards for opportunities.

Become an Independent Contractor

When you want more flexibility than a traditional part-time job offers, consider becoming an independent contractor. By providing services as a non-employee in a familiar field, you’ll set your own schedule and be your own boss while still engaging with others and earning extra cash.

Retired educators often find independent contract work doing freelance writing, tutoring, or translating, while people who were in law enforcement might offer investigative or security services. Doctors who no longer practice can fill new niches by providing video consultations or expert testimony for legal firms. 

If you’ve got a corporate background, try your hand at consulting in finance, marketing, operations, compliance, human resources, or technology, and use your expertise to assist companies with urgent or ongoing projects. Your previous career connections may open doors for you, or check out consulting firms that specialize in senior placement.

Start Your Own Business 

It’s never too late to call your own shots by becoming an entrepreneur. If you’ve got a background in design, you could offer decorating services, whereas a career in the restaurant industry likely prepared you to run a catering company. From tax preparation to home pet care, almost any experience you possess can be put to use on short-term projects that keep you earning and active but not overly committed.

Keep in mind that starting a business requires more groundwork than signing a work agreement or contract, so you’ll need thorough planning. Follow the Small Business Administration's checklist for setting up your enterprise, and look into selecting a limited liability company as your business structure for flexibility and to limit personal liability, streamline paperwork, and simplify taxation. You can also read a guide on how to start a business with ZenBusiness.

Working in retirement pads your bank account while providing you with a clear sense of purpose. Whether you become a part-time employee, forge your own path as an independent contractor, or dive into entrepreneurship, there are plenty of ways to tap your skills to benefit financially and personally after you’ve retired from your first career. 

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