Can You Sell A House With Old Wiring?

Can You Sell A House With Old Wiring

If your house has knob and tube wiring, then it’s considered to have old wiring. No new houses may be built with this type of wiring, but it’s possible to live in an old house with old wiring in place without being forced to upgrade.

However, knob and tube wiring can be a problem when trying to sell a house because many insurance companies won’t insure a house with old wiring, or the premiums can be much higher.

Aside from the insurance costs, buyers may also be concerned about the safety and the cost involved in upgrading the wiring themselves. 

Can you sell a house with old wiring? Yes, but it comes with issues that you need to consider so you can get the result you’re looking for in your property sale.

What Does It Cost To Replace Old Wiring In A House?

The cost to replace old wiring in a house has several factors, including how big your house is and your location. On average, it can cost between $3,500 and $15,000 to replace a home's old wiring.

One of the biggest factors to consider is that replacing the wiring in a house means opening up the walls and exploring all aspects of the house, and this can introduce you to unknown problems with your house. 

If you find problems behind the walls, your costs will likely increase to repair those problems, or you may need to disclose those problems to potential buyers.

How Do You Sell A House With Old Wiring?

If you don’t have the time or money to rewire an old house, you can still sell it, but there are several things you can do.

Get An Electrical Inspection

Buyers interested in purchasing your house in Las Vegas or elsewhere will almost certainly get an inspection done, which will show them the state of your old wiring. So it’s worth getting a home inspection or an electrical inspection done before putting your house on the market, so you know what the issues are and determine the costs required to fix them.

Inspections can be done by a dedicated home inspector and may only cost around $300; if you prefer, you can get an electrician to do a full inspection of your wiring.

Install A New Electrical Breaker Panel

There are certain electrical breaker panels that are considered dangerous and can reduce your chances of getting insurance or will increase your premiums. If your electrical inspection has shown you have one of these problem panels, it can be worthwhile and cheaper to replace this rather than replacing the old wiring in your house. The average cost of a new electrical breaker panel can be around $1,300 to $3,000.

Adjust The Price Of Your House To Reflect Upgrades

While some people won’t want to buy a house with old wiring, there are many people, including cash buyers, that will be interested in getting a discounted price for making repairs and upgrades themselves so that they can get the house they want in a good location.

So if you reduce the price for expected repairs, this can allow you to sell a house fast with old wiring and not have to spend the money or time that you don’t currently have.

Sell Your House As Is

If there are many issues that could turn off potential buyers, you can switch up your selling strategy and sell your house with old wiring as is. This means that you would list your house on the market “as is” which can mean cash buyers would be looking at your property as a deal to purchase and then renovate for profit.

Final Thoughts On Selling A House With Old Wiring

You can sell a house with old wiring, but the price you’ll get may be lower than if you did the work yourself. Often a full rewire is not required, and you can save money by replacing electrical panels or upgrading breakers for less than a full rewire.

If you’re concerned about damaging or cutting into walls, there are also options to replace your old wiring without cutting into drywall or damaging the home, so check with an electrician to see what options and costs would be involved.

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