What is a Mansion? The Factors that Make Your Home a Mansion

What is a mansion?

Want to know what is a mansion? While you may be envisioning a grand palace with tall columns, five-car garage, winding staircases and a twenty-foot entry door, there are more things that make up a mansion than what you see on TV. From the property’s size in square footage to the luxury amenities you can expect to find, this article aims to teach you what makes a house a mansion.

What Makes a House a Mansion?

It’s important to know what a mansion is and the factors that can help your home quality as a mansion, especially if you’re going to be buying or selling one. Because there are so many differing opinions on what a mansion actually is, below we’re going to cover factors including size, materials and amenities.

How Big is a Mansion?

According to Las Vegas Realtor® Matiah Fischer, a mansion is a property that has at least 5,000 square feet of livable floor space. However, in some markets, homes are not considered mansions unless they’re 7,500 square feet or bigger.

So, why the discrepancy?

Well, it all depends on the market the home is located. For example, big cities like Los Angeles and New York typically are very dense and have much smaller lots. Therefore, a property that’s 5,000 square feet would be considered large and, depending on the neighborhood and amenities, it could be a mansion. 

In markets where there’s more land, buyers will likely expect the home to have at least 7,500 square feet, if not more, for them to consider it a mansion. 

How Many Bedrooms are in a Mansion?

Again, there’s not a standard answer to this question. However, a large home with more than 5 bedrooms and 5,000 square feet has a good chance of being called a mansion.


Size isn’t everything when it comes to classifying a home as a mansion. The materials that go into building the home and the property’s interior go a long way toward how it’s classified.

As for the exterior, mansions can be built out of pretty much anything, so long as it’s high-quality. High-end stone, wood, brick, siding, glass and even concrete have all been used in the construction of mansions. 

Inside, the finest materials and finishes should be used in order for a home to be a real mansion. Expensive granite counters, elaborate stone fireplaces and top-notch flooring are just some of the materials that may be expected in a mansion. 

Amenities in a Mansion

Unless you want a historic mansion, long gone are the days of 50 room castles. Those buying or building mansions today are looking for certain features, rooms and amenities. For example, people looking at mansions in Las Vegas often want indoor/outdoor-fused living spaces and incredible views of the city. In most markets, the amenities of a mansion include:

  • Gourmet Kitchen
  • Fitness Center
  • Pool and Spa Facilities
  • Media/Game Room
  • Movie Theater
  • Home Office
  • In-Law Suite

Mansion Grounds

When it comes to luxurious mansion living, it’s not enough to just have a massive home taking up the entire lot. One might expect to have a large backyard, big trees, infinity pool, casita and manicured landscaping on the lot of their mansion home.

Navigating Buying or Selling a Mansion

If you own a large home and are thinking about selling, it’s helpful to know whether or not your home is a mansion so that it can be marketed properly. Choosing a real estate agent who knows the difference between a regular large home and mansion is a good place to start. 

The same goes for affluent buyers who want to buy a big home. Knowing what a mansion actually is and deciding upon what features are important to you can help you and your agent find the right place to call home. 

What’s Your Definition of a Mansion?

So, how would you define a mansion? Let us know in the comments below!

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