7 Health Benefits of Living in the Desert

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Many people don’t consider living in the desert because the only thing that comes to their mind is the heat. But the truth is there are many benefits to living in the desert. Whether in Arizona, California, Nevada or elsewhere, the desert can be an amazing place to live. If you’re wondering is living in the desert healthy for you, then read on to learn the 7 health benefits of living in the desert!

Is living in the desert healthy for you?

Living in the desert may have positive benefits to your health, including:

  • Less Stress
  • Healthy Activities
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Stronger Bones
  • Improved Mobility and Less Joint Pain
  • Better Air Quality
  • Positive Mental Outlook

7 Benefits of Living in the Desert

1. May Help You Breathe Easier

Living in the desert can help people who have breathing problems because of the low humidity and pollution levels. For example, if you’re dealing with asthma, then cold weather, pollution and/or high humidity levels may irritate your respiratory system. But when you start living in the desert you could start experiencing fewer problems breathing!

2. Improved Mobility

There are some benefits of living in the desert that can come to your life if you have issues related to mobility, like arthritis or osteoporosis. A combination of the heat and sun can help loosen your muscles and joints, aiding in your movement and decreasing pain levels.

3. Less Stress

A slower, more peaceful life is what many seek during retirement. The desert lifestyle is typically less busy, hectic and chaotic, even in larger cities such as Phoenix and Las Vegas. Combined with the expansive wide-open country vista views and desert sunsets, desert life is a very relaxing and enjoyable place to exist.

4. Fun & Healthy Outdoor Recreation Activities

Living an active lifestyle into your later years is key to keeping your body healthy and mind sharp. Another major advantage of living in the desert is the large number of outdoor recreation options. Activities such as ATV riding, hiking, swimming and boating (yes, there are lakes in the desert!) and more are all available at your fingertips.

5. Bones May Get Stronger

Vitamin D and its many wonders are a major advantage of living in the desert. When you receive more sunlight (not in excess), you may absorb more calcium; therefore, your bones may become stronger over time. If you’re dealing with diseases related to your bones such as osteoporosis, then you may have a better chance of your conditions improving after some time of living in the desert.

6. Your Blood Pressure May Improve

You may be interested to know that sunlight exposure is linked to lower blood pressure levels! People looking to improve their blood pressure levels may consider what the benefits of desert living can have on blood pressure.

7. Sunny Days Are Always Ahead

Many desert cities experience over 300 days of sun per year! The sun is our main provider of Vitamin D, which is known to provide many health benefits. In fact, it can help to reduce stress and combat conditions such as depression and anxiety. Simply put: living in the desert means sunny days will always be ahead of you!

Make Your Move to the Desert

Thinking about a life in the desert? Consider Las Vegas.

With a comfortable desert climate, no state income tax and the fun outdoor activities and entertainment options, Las Vegas should be near the top of every active adult’s list of places to live in the desert.

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