5 Inexpensive Ways to Boost Your Home’s Value

Inexpensive Ways to Boost Your Home’s Value

The housing market is constantly fluctuating between a “buyer’s market” and “seller’s market”, depending on the economic conditions in your area. There are things you can do to boost your home's selling appeal with home improvement for under $100. If you are looking to sell your home now and want to take advantage of a seller’s market, there are many things that you can do to boost the appeal of your home. 

For this article, we came up with 5 tips that you can use to inexpensively improve the appeal of your home, which in turn will add more value to your home. The more you can offer prospective buyers, the more likely they will be willing to pay the listing price for your home.

5 Tips to Improve Your Home’s Appeal for Under $100

Tip #1: Consult with a professional to get some advice

Before you decide to put your home on the market, it would be a good idea to ask a realtor or even an interior designer to look it over. They are experienced at knowing what people are looking for and they can let you know what you can do to make your home more appealing to today’s homebuyers. You should be able to find one or more interior designers in the area you live that are willing to give you an hour of their time at a fair price.

Tip #2: Apply a fresh coat of paint

Making a good first impression is very important when it comes to selling a house in Anthem Country Club (or elsewhere). The idea of having custom paint colors on your walls may have seemed like a great idea at the time. However, it tends to turn off people looking for a house. Your local hardware store is a good place to pick up some paint, brushes, and other supplies. Go with a cool neutral color and paint all the walls the same.

Tip #3: Reduce energy consumption

High energy costs are a major concern all across the country. It has hit homeowners extremely hard with the cost of heating oil, gas, and electricity on the rise. You can be proactive by contacting your local utility company and requesting an energy audit. They will come out and evaluate your home and come up with recommendations on things that you can do to make your home more efficient and consume less energy. This can allow you to let prospective buyers know that your home will help save money over other homes in the area.

Tip #4: Landscaping

Curb appeal is one of the most overlooked aspects of a home's value. Too many people emphasize what the house looks like on the inside and forget that the first thing a prospective buyer of any home sees is the outside. Major renovations to the outside of your home can set you back a great deal of money. However, it is generally not necessary to make big, expensive changes to positively influence the opinion of the buyers. Adding some colorful plants to the front of the house and removing overgrown plants can make a huge difference.

Tip #5 Get a professional house inspection

Most homeowners don’t know the actual condition of most or all of the internal systems on their home. That is because until there is a major problem with the plumbing, heating, and air systems there is not much to know. Having a professional home inspection that will, one give you peace of mind knowing that everything is well, and second, it prevents you from being blindsided by a major expense before closing.


There you have it, five inexpensive ways to boost your home’s value for under $100 before selling. What home improvements do you plan to make?

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