Best Las Vegas Neighborhoods Guide

Las Vegas Neighborhoods & Communities Guide

Searching for a place to live in Las Vegas? There’s no shortage of communities and neighborhoods to research and explore. In this guide, you will learn about some of the best neighborhoods in Las Vegas and get an in-depth look at various communities to choose from when finding a home.

This will include both written information and helpful Las Vegas neighborhood maps. Let’s dive right in and get started by taking a look at popular neighborhoods in Las Vegas!

Best Las Vegas Neighborhoods

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What are the Best Areas to Live in Las Vegas?

Before looking at individual neighborhoods or communities, it’s helpful to get a lay of the land. The map above shows seven areas in Las Vegas where most people live and that are considered some of the best areas to live in Las Vegas. The mix of suburbs, urban areas and more rural living is attractive to many who live in Las Vegas or are thinking about moving to the Vegas area.  

Within each area, there are many communities, neighborhoods, villages and subdivisions. We’ll get to more of the individual neighborhoods and subdivisions in Las Vegas later in this guide. But next, we’ll talk more about some of the best areas to live in Las Vegas, so you can get an idea of where to find Las Vegas neighborhoods of interest. 

Las Vegas

The Las Vegas metro area basically stretches from the north end of the Strip to the south where the I-15 runs into town. The city stretches from the western edge of Summerlin, which is technically still part of Las Vegas, all the way to the eastern edge of Sunrise Manor. See the map above to get an idea of the city limits. Further below on this page, you can explore individual Las Vegas neighborhoods.

Las Vegas Neighborhoods & Communities Guide - Summerlin


Summerlin is a master-planned community on the west side of Las Vegas that’s home to more than 100,000 residents. Known for its affluent neighborhoods and quality schools, Summerlin has a reputation as being one of the best places to live in Southern Nevada. There are four core areas in Summerlin, which then break down into more than 20 villages and communities, each with their own set of subdivisions and neighborhoods. Here are four core areas to start your search in Summerlin for a home.

Northwest Las Vegas

To the north of Summerlin budding up near the mountains is Northwest Las Vegas, an area that’s known for being less busy and having larger home lots. Essentially, you may get the feel of living a more “country” lifestyle yet remain close to all the action and amenities of Las Vegas and Summerlin. There are tons of neighborhoods in Northwest Las Vegas to choose from, which can be found by clicking the link above. Homes in Northwest Las Vegas may be more affordable than in Summerlin and comparable to other parts of the Las Vegas valley.

Southwest Las Vegas

Southwest Las Vegas is popular thanks to a central location which places it between Summerlin, Henderson and the Las Vegas Strip. This area is home to affordable neighborhoods and real estate of all types, including several luxury communities. The Southwest neighborhoods are popular among Californians, thanks to its position just off the I-15 that runs into town from Southern California.

Las Vegas Neighborhoods & Communities Guide - Henderson


Henderson is not actually part of Las Vegas. However, several of its neighborhoods and communities are located right next to the Las Vegas city limits, and Downtown Henderson is about a 20-minute drive from Downtown Las Vegas. Henderson has a suburbs-like feel and overall high-quality of lifestyle. There are so many communities and neighborhoods to choose from in Henderson, NV. Here is a list of Henderson neighborhoods.

Lake Las Vegas

The master-planned Lake Las Vegas community surrounds a 320-acre lake (also named Lake Las Vegas) and is technically part of Henderson. The lake is located out in the desert surrounded by hills, which creates a tranquil environment that’s “out of the city”. There are several luxury neighborhoods, golf course communities and condo buildings, which are conveniently located nearby shops, restaurants, and recreation options.

North Las Vegas

North Las Vegas is technically its own city located in the Las Vegas valley north of Downtown Las Vegas. It’s a favorite among those looking for more affordable real estate or investment properties. The city is expanding, and several new communities have been developed in recent years. To learn more about North Las Vegas neighborhoods and communities, click the link above.

Map of Neighborhoods in Las Vegas

Popular Las Vegas Neighborhoods & Communities

Wondering where the best neighborhoods in Las Vegas are? Now that you have an overview of the main areas to live in Las Vegas, it’s time to look closer at some of the most popular neighborhoods and communities in Las Vegas. The following list contains communities and neighborhoods in Las Vegas, Henderson, and surrounding areas. Click on any of the links to be taken to pages with detailed information about each community.

Las Vegas Gated Communities & Neighborhoods

The Las Vegas area is known for its many gated neighborhoods spread throughout the city. This includes both gated and guard-gated options at nearly all price points. To learn more, explore Las Vegas gated communities and Summerlin gated communities, or click any of the links below to learn more about each gated neighborhood, its real estate options and amenities.

Las Vegas Master Planned Communities

There are many master-planned communities in Las Vegas. A master-plan is simply a community which has been carefully planned and developed from its inception on raw land. A prime example is Summerlin, which happens to be the only master-planned community in Las Vegas with its own downtown area. However, there are many other communities in Las Vegas that are master-plans. Take a look at the links below to learn more about each.

Best Las Vegas Neighborhoods & Communities

Searching for more of the best communities in Las Vegas? Below we break down Las Vegas communities and neighborhoods by type, including age-qualified 55+ communities, golf course neighborhoods, new construction communities and more. Keep scrolling to find these lists and click on the links to explore each community individually.

Best Las Vegas Communities & Neighborhoods - Regency at SummerlinRegency at Summerlin Clubhouse

55+ Communities & Neighborhoods

Some of the best neighborhoods for retirees in Las Vegas include 55+ communities, listed below. These age-qualified neighborhoods often include resort-style amenities and single-story properties designed for the active-adult lifestyles found today. Popular retirement communities in Las Vegas include Sun City Summerlin, Siena and the new Trilogy® Sunstone. Here’s a list of some of the top retirement communities and neighborhoods in Las Vegas and Henderson.

Golf Communities & Neighborhoods

Want to find a home on the golf course in Vegas? There are a fair amount of neighborhoods with golf course frontage in the Las Vegas and Henderson areas. From popular favorites like Red Rock Country Club and Anthem Country Club, to lesser known spots like Canyon Gate and Painted Desert, there are plenty of neighborhoods in Las Vegas and Henderson to find a golf course property. Check out the list of Las Vegas golf communities below.

New Construction Neighborhoods

Searching for neighborhoods with new homes in Las Vegas? The Las Vegas valley has expanded tremendously in recent years and below are a handful of new construction neighborhoods and communities in Las Vegas and Henderson.

Lakefront Communities

Dream of living in a home with lake frontage in a hot desert climate? Believe it or not, there are neighborhoods in Las Vegas with waterfront properties! Check out three of the most popular waterfront communities in Las Vegas below.

Luxury Neighborhoods in Las Vegas

People from all around the country are surprised at the relative affordability of luxury homes in Las Vegas. Compared to states like California or New York, you can get a lot of home for your money in most luxury neighborhoods in Las Vegas. Most of these are gated or guard-gated communities, and several are situated around golf courses. 

Best Las Vegas Communities & Neighborhoods - Luxury Homes

Looking for a home in Las Vegas? Search all Las Vegas homes for sale, or call/text (702) 718-3878 to connect with a local agent.

Where to Find the Best Las Vegas Neighborhoods

If the above information about Las Vegas neighborhoods hasn’t been enough for you to start your search for a home in the Las Vegas area, you’re in luck because there’s more! Next, we’re going to look at top neighborhoods in Las Vegas for certain types of homes, such as where to find a modern home, single story home, home with a pool, vintage property, condo/townhome or neighborhoods with no HOA fees in Las Vegas. 

Neighborhoods with Modern Homes

Want to find a Las Vegas neighborhood where you can buy a modern home? With all of the new communities popping up across the valley, Las Vegas real estate is no longer just stucco and tile roofs. In fact, there are many neighborhoods in Las Vegas with modern-style homes. Here are some popular neighborhoods to buy a modern home in Las Vegas.

Neighborhoods with Single Story Homes in Las Vegas

Neighborhoods with Single Story Homes

Single story living is a popular choice for many, including retirees, families and singles alike. The convenience and flexibility of one-story homes in Las Vegas attract buyers of all types. If you’re looking to buy a single-story home, here are some of the best Las Vegas neighborhoods to find single story real estate.

Las Vegas Neighborhoods with Pool Homes

A lot of people who live in Las Vegas year-round desire a home with a pool. After all, owning a pool home in Las Vegas is a great way to beat the heat and enjoy the hot sun. While pool homes exist all across the valley, here are some notable neighborhoods in Las Vegas and Henderson where you can find homes for sale with swimming pools.

Las Vegas Neighborhoods with Condos and Townhomes

Las Vegas Neighborhoods with Condos and Townhomes

Condo buildings and townhome communities can be found all across Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson and North Las Vegas. If you’re searching for a Las Vegas condo or townhome, find out more about the following neighborhoods in Las Vegas with townhomes and condominiums.

Looking for a home in Las Vegas? Search all Las Vegas homes for sale, or call/text (702) 718-3878 to connect with a local agent.

Popular High-Rise Condo Buildings

When people think about Las Vegas, they often picture high-rise condos or living in a condo on the Strip. The bright lights, easy access to the fun and excitement of the city, plus incredible views make high-rise living attractive to certain buyers. Below are some of the most popular high-rise condo neighborhoods in Las Vegas.

Hip, Vintage and Historic Neighborhoods in Las Vegas

Las Vegas neighborhoods that feature mid-century modern homes or historic properties have become sought-after in recent years. When you think about the golden era of Las Vegas, you might consider looking at properties in these vintage Las Vegas neighborhoods.

Las Vegas Neighborhoods with No HOA Fees

It may come as a surprise to you, but many neighborhoods in Las Vegas have homeowner association fees. However, you can find homes located in neighborhoods without HOA fees in Las Vegas and Henderson. Here’s a short list of potential communities and neighborhoods without homeowner’s fees in Vegas.

Get Help Finding the Best Home and Neighborhood in Las Vegas for You!

There you have it, the ultimate guide to Las Vegas neighborhoods and communities! Hopefully by now you have a much better idea of places to live or consider moving in the Las Vegas valley. You can easily research any neighborhood or community in Las Vegas simply by clicking on any of the links found above. You can also find a full list of neighborhoods in Las Vegas, Henderson and surrounding areas by clicking here

*Disclaimer: This guide is for informational purposes only. Real estate agents cannot steer a buyer into any communities or homes. It is up to the buyer to determine where they want to live.

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