Living in Summerlin, NV: Pros & Cons + Guide to Living in Summerlin, Nevada

Living in Summerlin NV - The Ridges

Living in Summerlin, Nevada, is a dream for many people of all ages. This master-planned community, a short drive from the Las Vegas Strip, is consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in the state of Nevada, and for plenty of good reasons.

With ten golf courses, 250 parks, more than 150 miles of outdoor trails, and exceptional dining, shopping, sports, and other recreation opportunities, it’s little surprise that living in Summerlin Las Vegas is on the radar for many native locals and transplants alike. 

Read on to find out everything you need to know about living in Summerlin, NV (pros and cons) to help you decide if this Las Vegas community has everything you’re looking for and more. 

So, You’re Thinking About Living in Summerlin, Nevada?

Spanning 22,500 square feet along the western rim of the Las Vegas Valley, Summerlin sits at the base of the Spring Mountain Range and Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. As a multi-generational community, people consider living in Summerlin, NV, for a variety of reasons.

With multi-million-dollar homes, exclusive condos and penthouses, active adult communities, and a range of townhouses and uniquely designed single family homes, the property market in Summerlin is varied, which is perfect for a diverse demographic of buyers.

Places to Live in Summerlin

If you’ve decided that living in Summerlin NV is right for you, the next consideration is which neighborhood you’d like to call home. While lots of people make a beeline for Summerlin as a whole, it’s perhaps easier to conduct your property search in terms of the specific neighborhoods and villages you might like to live in. You can begin your search by considering properties in Summerlin NorthSouth, and West, with each area boasting many benefits.

Places to Live in Summerlin - Stonebridge

Some of the most popular villages in Summerlin include The RidgesThe Paseos, and Sun City, which are located in different parts of the master-planned community. Other impressive villages within Summerlin include StonebridgeThe Trails, and The Willows. When deciding where in Summerlin to live, you should consider the amenities within the individual villages and their proximity to shopping and recreation opportunities like golf courses and outdoor trails.

The fact of the matter is that every Summerlin village has something unique. For instance, Sun City is an exceptionally popular and vibrant 55+ community, which is ideal for retirees. The Paseos, on the other hand, is renowned for its outdoor spaces and its views across Red Rock Canyon National Park, making it the perfect choice for those who enjoy the great outdoors. 

Wherever you choose to live in Summerlin Las Vegas, you will find a neighborhood and property to suit your needs and interests.

Pros and Cons of Living in Summerlin

Before moving into any new area, it’s a good idea to weigh up the pros and cons prior to making a decision. If you asked certain residents of Summerlin, they’d probably say that the pros of living there undoubtedly outweigh any cons. But in the interest of fairness and objectivity, we present living in Summerlin pros and cons to help you decide whether this master-planned community on the edge of Las Vegas is ideal for you.

Pros and Cons of Living in Summerlin

The Pros of Living in Summerlin, NV 

  • Exceptional quality of life
  • Beautifully designed villages and neighborhoods – many with their own amenities nearby and ample parks and outdoor spaces
  • There’s always something to do – Dine and shop at Downtown Summerlin, catch a ball game at Las Vegas Ballpark or stop into Red Rock Casino Resort
  • No state income tax
  • Strong real estate values
  • Higher elevation delivers cooler temps year round 

The Cons of Living in Summerlin, NV

  • Higher than average home prices
  • Higher cost of living
  • Close to the vices of Las Vegas
  • Reliance on cars, as public transport isn’t excellent

What are the Advantages of Living in Summerlin?

You’re probably wondering, is Summerlin NV a good place to live? Below are five advantages of living in Summerlin.

The Benefits of Living in Summerlin, NV

New Developments and Newer Housing Inventory

Few places in Nevada rival Summerlin for its stunning and varied real estate options. Golf course properties, sprawling mansions, gorgeous condos, and variety of single family homes are just some of the choices available to you. There are also many new neighborhoods popping up in Summerlin, and with the expansion of Summerlin West there are even more new villages and Summerlin homes for sale on the horizon.

Abundant Outdoor Recreation

Living in Summerlin is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Ten golf courses, 250 parks, 150 miles of outdoor trails, and easy access to the nearby Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area are just some of the things to get excited about. 

Living in Summerlin - Las Vegas Ballpark

Always Something To Do

Those living in Summerlin enjoy its vibrant Downtown Summerlin, home to exceptional dining, shopping, and entertainment options, without needing to travel into the city of Las Vegas. You can also catch a ball game at Las Vegas Ballpark, or pop into City National Arena, practice facility of the Vegas Golden Knights, and catch the beloved NHL’s team practice. 

The community also hosts a number of activities to encourage people to interact and have fun including the annual Tour de Summerlin bike race that’s been a tradition for nearly 20 years. 

Cooler Temperatures

When living in Summerlin you benefit from cooler temperatures year-round compared to other parts of the valley thanks to its elevation. Summerlin sits at roughly 3,500 feet above sea level (in some areas around 4,400 feet), whereas the Las Vegas Strip is at approximately 2,000 feet above sea level and Henderson being roughly between 1,500 to 2,000 feet. Depending on which part of the valley you’re in, you may notice a difference of anywhere from four to ten degrees, since on average temperatures drop 3.57 degrees for every 1,000-foot increase in elevation according to meteorologist Todd Lericos.

Tax Advantages

By moving to Summerlin and becoming a resident, you can receive Nevada tax benefits which include no state income tax and low property taxes. This is especially attractive to people moving from high-tax states.

Problems with Living in Summerlin, NV 

Although living in Summerlin Las Vegas is high on many people’s list, and for good reason, living in this master-planned community isn’t without drawbacks. For those wondering, is Summerlin Las Vegas a good place to live, some of the following potential downsides may help answer your question. 

The Problems of Living in Summerlin, NV

Higher Median Home Price

The current median sale price of properties in Summerlin, NV is currently $525,000*, which is up 21.4% year-over-year. Whereas the median sales price of Las Vegas is $364,752* up 23.3% over the past year.

*Average price when published September 2021

Higher Cost of Living

Summerlin has a cost of living that is 1.2 times higher than Nevada’s index as a whole.

Public Transportation

While Summerlin has a public transport system, it’s nothing to get excited about. To enjoy life in Summerlin (and Las Vegas in general) you will almost certainly need a car. However, the community is easy to navigate once you get the lay of the land.


Depending on your viewpoint, living in and around Las Vegas can feel overwhelming sometimes, particularly regarding gambling. For some people, the 24/7 access to casinos can get a little bit too much at times.

Cost of Living in Summerlin

Cost of Living in Summerlin

As we’ve covered, the cost of living in Summerlin is more expensive than other areas in the valley. In fact, living in Summerlin South, for instance, is notably more expensive than living in other areas in Las Vegas. Below is an overview of the cost of living in Summerlin South vs Las Vegas compared to the US average index of 100 per BestPlaces. 

Cost of Living Summerlin South Las Vegas United States
Overall 130.6 111.6 100
Grocery 107.7 102.3 100
Housing 182 118.2 100
Utilities 100.1 102.6 100
Transportation 124 128.5 100
Health 93 93 100

*Data sourced from

Generally, living in Summerlin NV is more expensive than living in other areas in Las Vegas, which is helpful to keep in mind before purchasing a property.

However, things like utilities and healthcare fall right around or just under the US average, and transportation below the Las Vegas average.

Is it Expensive to Live in Summerlin?

The current average selling price of a property in Summerlin NV is $525,000*, whereas the median selling price of a home in Las Vegas is $364,752* and $430,000* in neighboring Henderson. While the cost of living in Summerlin is higher than in other areas in and around Las Vegas, the quality of life enjoyed by Summerlin residents matches. 

*Average price when published September 2021

Summerlin Job Market 

Many of Summerlin residents work in Las Vegas and commute every day to work. The Las Vegas job market is often described as a job-seekers market, so if you’re looking to relocate to Summerlin, you should be able to find employment within a short drive of your home.

Summerlin Schools

There are more than two dozen schools in Summerlin, including ten nationally-recognized private schools and sixteen public schools. In addition, Summerlin has schooling from Kindergarten all the way through to collegiate and university level, ensuring people of all ages can access high-quality education in the community.

Climate in Summerlin NV 

Like mentioned above, Summerlin boasts cooler temperatures year-round compared to other parts of the valley thanks to its elevation, sitting at roughly 3,500 feet above sea level - in some areas around 4,400 feet.

The hottest month of the year in Summerlin is July, with an average temperature of 89.4 °F. The lowest average temperatures occur in December, where you can expect it to be around 43.8 °F. Although rainfall is scarce in Summerlin, the highest chance of rain is in February, with 5.13 days of precipitation on average. Alternatively, the lowest chance of rainfall in Summerlin is in June, with an average of 0.60 days of rain. 

Conclusion: Thinking About Moving to Summerlin, Nevada? 

So, the final question to ask yourself: Is Summerlin a good place to live? 

Living in Summerlin NV is a great place for families, retirees, and professionals alike. There is a staggering array of real estate in the community; abundant parks, trails and outdoor recreation; entertainment, shopping and dining at Downtown Summerlin; and much, much more. 

If you’re looking to make the move to Summerlin, NV, get in touch with us today by filling out the form below. We’d be delighted to help you find your dream home in this premier master-planned community in Nevada.

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