How to Make Money in Retirement: Fun Hobbies That Can Make You Money

Wondering how you can make money in retirement? Just because you’re retired doesn’t mean your “tired.” In fact, even after 50+ years on the job, you might not even be tired of working just yet.

Moreover, depending on your living and financial situation, you might want to earn a few extra dollars here and there, just to buttress your savings and your Social Security.

If you’re looking for a few ways to make money in retirement, this article will give you some great suggestions. They might not all be for you, but there’s sure to be something you can do that the average 30-year-old can’t. To help you out, here is our list of retirement hobbies that make money.

how to make money in retirement

Turn Your Golf Hobby into Cash

If you’re a great golfer but not a seasoned pro, it’s possible for you to still make great money giving golf lessons. Not only will it give you a chance to teach what you’ll love, but you’ll be able to undercut the expensive course pros. This option is especially appealing if you live in a golf course community.

Loving Animals Can Mean Big Money

If you knew what the average pet-sitter or dogwalker made, you’d never write it off. If you love animals and want some exercise, this is easily one of the best ways to make money in retirement.

Show Off Your Carpentry Skills

Some of the best hobbies to make money revolve around making things that you can sell or performing simple services that people need. Carpentry is not a widely-known skill among those under 40, so chances are you can build a better bird feeder, deck, or set of stairs than the average homeowner, while being less expensive than the competition.

Become a Local Tour Guide

If you’re passionate about your state, city, or any particular area near them, you can charge people for tours of all sorts of places. You can work on your own terms, of course, and tailor your tours to your other hobbies, like history or art.

Become a Photographer

No matter where you live, there is always an opportunity to take amazing photos. From still life to nature to portraits and more, you can shoot whatever you like and sell the results at top dollar. If you’re not interested in running your own make-shift studio, you can sell your photos online on sites like and

Teach Music to a New Generation

Many ways to make money in retirement center around passing on skills you’ve learned to the younger folks. If you’re a music lover or play any instrument well, chances are you can make a great income tutoring kids (or adults).

ways to make money in retirement

Take Your Crafts to Market

Jewelry, pottery, paintings, etc. – all personalized crafts are in big demand right now. No matter what your hobby is or how unique your style is, if you make it by hand, people will pay good money for it on sites like Give it a shot!

Retirement Hobbies That Make Money

Remember, retirement is a time that you’ve earned to do what you love, and if what you love can make you money, why not give it a shot? Of course, there are hundreds of more ideas to make money in retirement and so many other retirement hobbies you can do just for fun. You just have to find what works for you!

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