Sun City vs Del Webb - What's the Difference?

Sun City vs Del Webb - What's the Difference

If you have started planning or researching what you want to do, or where you want to be after retirement, chances are the names “Del Webb” and “Sun City” have popped up on more than one occasion.

In short, both are 55+ communities that offer a wide range of post-retirement living accommodations, activities, and experiences. In fact, Sun City communities are within the Del Webb brand, as Del Webb developed them.

The Differences Between Del Webb and Sun City

So, what’s the difference? Both are 55+ communities and they are created, designed, and built by the same adult community builder. It can be hard to see the differences between these two, so we will be taking a look into why the builder separates the Del Webb communities from the Sun City communities.


The main physical difference between Del Webb communities and Sun City communities is the size. In general, Sun City communities are going to be much larger than their Del Webb counterparts.

Let’s take a look at the key size differences between the Del Webb at Lake Las Vegas community located in Henderson, Nevada, and Sun City Anthem, also located in Henderson, Nevada.

To start, Del Webb spans across over 320 acres of land, a very sizable amount for a 55+ community. This may seem large until you compare it to the likes of Sun City Anthem, which is over fifteen times the size, spanning over 5,000 acres.

In terms of homes, Del Webb at Lake Las Vegas offers over 400 homes while Sun City Anthem boasts over 7,000. This makes Sun City Anthem over fifteen times bigger in terms of number of homes and community members.

If you look into even more locations in both the Del Webb and Sun City categories, you will find that Sun City communities can grow as large as 27,000 homes, their current largest in Sun City Arizona. Meanwhile, Del Webb stays on the smaller side.

Size also affects the cost of homes between these two communities. Both communities have homes priced up to 1+ million dollars. On the lower end, because of how large Sun City Summerlin is for example, their lowest-priced homes can go for under $400 thousand, while Del Webb at Lake Las Vegas’s lowest priced homes are in the mid $600 thousands.

Size can be a big factor in choosing between two communities. Sun City and Del Webb communities are very different in this area. However, you will find that because of this, the lifestyle between the two communities changes as well.


With Sun City communities and Del Webb communities being so different in size, different lifestyles between them change as well. Sun City focuses more towards resort-style living compared to the smaller size of Del Webb communities which have a more tight-knit feel.

In both communities, you will find a variation of clubhouses, fitness centers, pools, golf courses and so much more. The difference here is in scale.

Let’s now take a look at Del Webb at North Ranch, located in North Las Vegas. We can compare this to Sun City Summerlin in Las Vegas. In terms of clubs and groups, Del Webb offers many different clubs. These include groups bocce ball, pickleball, and many more.

However, when you take a look into the Sun City Summerlin clubs and groups, you will find that they offer over 100 different activities, a massive increase from Del Webb at North Ranch. Sun City Summerlin offers all the same activities as Del Webb at North Ranch, and in addition, they have more niche groups as well. These groups include activities such as table tennis, ceramics, book clubs, fishing, poker, and so much more.


The last important difference between Del Webb communities and Sun City communities is location. As we mentioned before, The Del Webb company designs and builds both Del Webb communities and Sun City communities.

Del Webb as a whole has more than 100 communities within the United States. Of these communities, less than 25% are Sun City communities. This isn’t a big surprise as Sun City communities are much larger. They tend to be located closer to major cities as well.

Since Del Webb communities make up a large majority of the overall Del Webb community portfolio, there are many more location options available. While many are located close to major cities, Del Webb communities can be more remote than Sun City communities due to their smaller size. This is another factor that can contribute to lifestyle as well.

Recap of Sun City vs Del Webb

Overall, both Del Webb communities and Sun City communities offer a lot for the 55+ crowd that reside in their communities. Even though they both offer a lot, some big differences can change your experience depending on where you go. The key differences come in the form of size, lifestyle, and location.

Del Webb communities tend to be smaller and more intimate in comparison to the larger Sun City communities. Due to this, Del Webb communities typically offer fewer options in terms of clubs and group activities when compared to Sun City communities. Lastly, Del Webb communities have the capability to have more locations, oftentimes more remote than that of Sun City communities, which are typically located near major cities.

When it comes to the type of person best fit for these communities, these differences give us some insight. People who tend to live a more quiet, reserved lifestyle along with focusing on the things they are most interested in and most passionate about may trend towards Del Webb communities. The smaller, more intimate setting set up this lifestyle perfectly.

In contrast, someone who is looking to fill their lives with as many different experiences and people as possible, and who tends to be out and about a significant amount of the time may prefer Sun City communities. This is because of the larger setting that includes more people, activities, and places to enjoy.

The differences between these two communities can be hard to see, especially due to them both being developed by the same company. Hopefully, we were able to clear up the confusion and give a clear picture of what each community provides to its residents.

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