What to Know About Frame Walks

What to Know About Frame Walks

Frame Walkthrough 101 

Few things are as exciting as building a new home.  You’ve spent countless hours poring over floor plans, appliance catalogs, and paint swatches, but now that construction has started you want constant progress updates on your soon-to-be palace. 

Unfortunately, it is neither practical nor safe to visit the construction site every day.  Luckily, the construction manager will invite you to walk through the premises a few times during the building process.  Your first chance to make sure everything is coming along according to your specifications is the frame walk. 

What is a Frame Walk? 

A frame walk is a basic introduction to your new house that allows you to examine the frame, plumbing, electrical work, HVAC, and (sometimes) insulation before the builders install drywall.  Your frame walk typically lasts between 1-1.5 hours, and the construction manager will guide you through the skeleton of your home to show you the progress his team has made and answer all your questions, so ask as many as you want! 

What to Look for During the Frame Walkthrough 

Frame walks are very important parts of the construction process when buying a new construction home in Summerlin (or anywhere, for that matter).  Builders are human beings who work with natural products, particularly wood.  A frame walk will allow you to make sure the frame of the house has no faulty construction or errors, the floors do not bow, and the windows are all where they should be. 

During the frame walk, the construction manager will show you the electrical system, so make sure that all outlets, lighting and fan wires, and low-voltage wires are where you want them.  HVAC ducts should be well connected with no visible dents and the plumbing should have all the options you requested.  Feel free to ask him about warranty and maintenance procedures as well.  Once the drywall is up, all these problems will become much harder to fix!   

What to Bring to the Frame Walk

There are several things you should bring on a frame walk, including: copies of building plans, selection sheets, electrical diagrams, and the purchase agreement.  You should also bring a clipboard, a digital camera, and a flashlight.  Many people find it helpful to have a frame walk checklist with you; these can be found on the internet, or you can come up with your own. 

Show up to the frame walk dressed for a construction site and have your new construction buyer’s agent with you.  The more eyes the better, especially if they are experienced in new home construction.  You can also hire your own home inspector if you prefer, just make sure to let your new home sales agent know before the frame walk.  

During the walk, take as many pictures as you can, especially of the electrical and plumbing.  Once the drywall is up, it will be very easy to forget where everything is.  When you decide to install something several years down the road, the pictures you took can come in very useful. 

Don’t Miss It!

The frame walk is an important milestone for buyers of new construction.  It is a simple walkthrough with so much potential for avoiding headaches down the road.  From discovering faulty materials in the construction to remedying human error in the installation of electrical work, make sure to prepare for it thoroughly.  

Don’t miss it; if you do, the builder will resume construction shortly, covering up potential problems that may come back to haunt you.  By bringing the right materials, people, and questions with you, your frame walk can clear the road ahead for a successful and exciting new phase of the home buying experience.   

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