When Is The Best Time To Sell A House?

When Is The Best Time To Sell A House?

The housing market in most areas is hotter than ever before, with more people looking for a more personalized home experience as they are living and working from their homes now in many cases.

However, picking the best time to sell a house may bring you in better offers and even more buyers looking, which can lead to competitive and multiple offers, which can be ideal when you’re selling a house.

If you’re not urgently in need of selling your house, then determining when is the best time to sell a house may lead to higher profits by simply waiting a few months.

In this article, we’ll review the best time to sell a house and the worst time to sell a house.

Best Time To Sell A House

The best time to sell a house based on the past ten years' worth of sales across the U.S. is May, but that doesn’t mean you start your sales process in May and instantly sell.

If you’ve prepared your house and gotten the sales process started early with a May date in mind for your sale, you may see the highest average sale price.

You’ll see similar sales results with months around May, including June and July being the next best time to sell a house.

You should prep and get your home ready to sell in March and April, which also have reasonable sale price averages, and is often seen as the start of the summer selling season.

If you haven’t sold by September, then you may start seeing sale prices start to decline on average for most homes depending on the market, so it may be worthwhile to consider waiting for a few months for the sales cycle to start up.

Location Impacts The Best Time To Sell A House

While the location of your house in a particular city is important, the region of the country you’re in impacts the average high and low sales prices for your house.

In Southern and Western parts of the country where seasons aren’t as extreme – such as Las Vegas – you’ll likely see less of an impact on the average sales prices across different months.

However, when you look at locations like the Midwest and Northeast of the country, where winter can be extreme, the winter months can have much lower sales prices.

The Best Time To Sell A House - Spring & Summer

For all locations, the best time to sell your house is in Spring and Summer. This is especially true for the Midwest, but it also holds true for the entire country.

Outside of the location and weather, important factors that make summer the best time to sell a house in Summerlin Las Vegas or elsewhere are that families want to get settled into new homes before the school year starts, as moving during the school year can have negative effects on school placement and future prospects.

With spring and summer having longer days, especially with daylight savings, it makes viewing homes a lot more pleasant for most homebuyers. So similar to poor weather, people typically don’t want to go out house hunting in the dark.

With more people looking to buy and preparing for spring and summer, it makes sense that you may see higher sales prices for your house due to higher demand from more people looking.

The Worst Time To Sell A House - Winter

Fall, but more so winter can be the worst months to sell your house, with September typically starting the drop-off in the best time to sell a house.

You have the colder months approaching for many locations, which is a significant factor in demand for buying houses.

You also have kids well into their school years, which makes moving more challenging for families with children who don’t want to be disrupted in the middle of a school year.

The days are becoming much shorter, making it less appealing to go out looking for houses, so demand can be even lower depending on the market.

With a large range of factors, September through January are seen as the worst months to sell a house across most of the U.S. December specifically is seen as the worst month to sell a house, factoring in the holiday season and start of the new year.

When Should You Start Prepping Your House For Sale?

It’s also important to factor in when you should start prepping your house; you’ll want to make sure that everything is repaired, cleaned, and if you plan to paint or add anything to the home that it’s done in time to get your house on the market when you plan to.

A few months of preparation, planning and getting your home ready can make the difference. For example, if you’re planning to sell your home in peak selling season, it can be a good idea to begin prepping in spring, if not earlier depending on what you need to do to get your home ready to sell.

Also, talking with multiple local real estate agents can help you determine the best time for you to sell and as well as doing your own research online to see watch market trends in your local area.

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