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How to Sell Your Home in Las Vegas: Guide to Selling Las Vegas Real Estate

If you’re in the early stages of selling your Las Vegas home, you’ve come to the right place. This guide tells you everything you need to know about preparing and selling your Las Vegas home, from choosing the right real estate agent to closing the sale.

Naturally, there are many stages to selling your home in Las Vegas, and the more prepared you are, the more likely you are to achieve your desired asking price. Let’s begin by looking at what needs to be done when selling a house in Las Vegas before discussing how to prepare your property for the market. 

What Needs to Be Done When Selling a House

Selling your Las Vegas home can be a sizable undertaking, and there are many things you need to consider. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered, and have provided a clear and comprehensive guide to selling property in Las Vegas that aims to help you receive the best price for your home. 

Overview: 13 Steps to Selling Your Home

Part One: Preparing Your House to Sell

  1. Determining How Much Your Home is Worth: Comparative Market Analysis
  2. Interviewing Real Estate Agents
  3. Home Improvements to Increase Your Home’s Value
  4. What to Fix vs. What Not to Fix
  5. Selling a Home “as is”
  6. Best/Worst Time to Sell
  7. Staging and Photos

Part Two: Selling Your Home

  1. Marketing & Listing on the MLS
  2. Open Houses & Virtual Tours
  3. Selling Your Home for Cash vs Traditional
  4. Appraisal
  5. Escrow
  6. Closing, Money, & Taxes

Part Three: FAQs About Selling Your Home in Las Vegas

Part One: Preparing Your House to Sell 

Before you sell your Las Vegas home, there are a number of steps that you need to take to ensure it’s ready for market. Of course, the more prepared your home is, the more likely you are to achieve your desired asking price. Fortunately for sellers, there are many simple yet effective ways to prepare your Las Vegas home for sale; they merely require some consideration and planning. Below are some of the things you should consider before listing your Las Vegas home for sale.

1. Determining How Much Your Home is Worth: Comparative Market Analysis

Before selling your Las Vegas home, you need to establish how much it’s worth. While the median price of homes for sale in Las Vegas is $405,000 (as of August 2021, check the updated median home price here) you need to consider a range of factors that affect the value of your property. Conducting a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is an excellent way of working out the value of your Las Vegas home, as it considers aspects such as age, location, size, construction, style, and condition, as well as a range of other factors. Research is an important step if you’re looking to get the asking price that you feel your Las Vegas home deserves. 

2. Interviewing Real Estate Agents

Finding the right real estate agent to sell your Las Vegas home is also important. The best agent is not necessarily the highest-profile team or the company with the best marketing strategy. In short, the best agent is one that helps you achieve your goal and knows the market intricately. Begin your search by looking for agents with a proven track record of selling in your area. They should also understand the mechanics behind selling your type of property, be it an exclusive condo or single-story family home. Take the time to interview real estate agents and ask them questions that will dictate the success of your sale. 

3. Home Improvements to Increase the Home’s Value

Homes in great shape tend to sell much quicker than those in need of TLC. A range of simple home improvements can increase the value of your Las Vegas home and ensure your property isn’t stuck on the market. Consider painting the interior and exterior, replacing old carpets or vinyl, repairing any damage or structural defects, and de-cluttering your home so it is tidy and presentable. There are also some more substantial home improvement projects you can undertake to boost your home’s value, which may help you better achieve the selling price that you’re looking for.

4. What to Fix vs What Not to Fix 

When it comes to selling your home in Las Vegas, you might be hesitant to spend a great deal of money on repairs and improvements, which is understandable. But there are some things you should definitely fix to improve the marketability of your home. If you want to sell your Las Vegas home, significant structural damage, dirty and worn floors, and shabby paintwork should all be worked upon. However, you might want to do without the expensive kitchen and bathroom renovations and focus instead on aesthetic improvements to these areas that are in your budget. Considering what aspects of your Las Vegas home to repair before selling is an important step to selling your home. 

5. Selling a Home “as is”

If you’re not in a position to make significant repairs to your Las Vegas home before selling it, you can always list it “sold as is.” This means you wouldn’t necessarily have to undertake significant repairs, and you’re essentially saying to your prospective buyers that you offer no guarantees regarding the structural integrity or overall condition of your property. Bear in mind that often properties that are “sold as is” fetch a lower asking price, and your property will also need to meet federal and state minimum disclosure standards. “Sold as is” is undoubtedly attractive to particular sellers, and also attractive to potential buyers looking to fix and flip homes.

6. Best/Worst Times to Sell

You can list your home for sale at any time of the year. That being said, the time of the year that you sell your property can influence its marketability. Traditionally, people favor selling their homes in the spring and summer months. 

7. Staging & Photos 

Staging your home is an excellent way of improving its appeal to potential Las Vegas buyers. You can have your home professionally staged and photographed, or you can do it yourself. Removing excessive clutter and undertaking a deep clean; making a small room appear larger than it is by improving its lighting and layout; and opting for neutral colors are all easy ways to stage your Las Vegas home to prepare it for the market. If physically staging your home is not feasible for you, you can always opt for virtually staging your home. Staging your home in preparation for sale is highly effective and is likely to increase the level of interest in your property.

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Part Two: Selling Your Home 

Now that you’ve conducted your research and are confident that your home is ready to be sold, it’s time to actually sell it. And this is where an experienced and talented Las Vegas Realtor really comes to the forefront. When your house is on the market, the best Las Vegas real estate agents will drive viewings and help you lock in the best price for your property. They will also take care of the most significant aspects of the sale, taking the stress and pressure away from you. Below are some of the elements to consider during the sale of your Las Vegas home. 

8. Marketing & Listing on the MLS 

To improve the prospects of finding a buyer for your Las Vegas home, Realtors utilize the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which is where all listings are posted for sale. The MLS channels your home’s listing to several popular real estate sites like Zillow, Realtor, Redfin, Trulia, and to ensure maximum exposure for your property. Providing your home is included in the MLS database with a compelling description and attractive photos, you can be confident of increasing your chances of selling your house. Be sure to ask your Vegas real estate agent about the MLS to understand its benefits further.

9. Open Houses & Virtual Tours

Your real estate agent might suggest holding an open house event or offering virtual tours of your property. In general, an open house and virtual viewings attract more potential buyers to your property and have a range of benefits. Of course, you must prepare your home before it is listed for an open house since you don’t want people traipsing around clutter! While open houses and virtual tours aren’t for everyone, it’s a good option if you’re looking for an additional advantage when it comes to selling your Las Vegas home. 

10. Selling Your Home for Cash to Investors vs Traditional Sale

Some people opt to sell their homes for cash directly to investors, while others opt for the more traditional choice of selling via a Las Vegas Realtor. Ultimately, there are advantages to both methods, and they appeal to different sellers. Ultimately, you can speak to your Realtor about the prospects of selling your home for cash or opting for the more traditional selling route.

11. Appraisal 

A home appraisal is a key component of any real estate transaction. It’s essentially an unbiased professional opinion regarding the value of your home and is used when the buyer has or is applying for a mortgage. An appraisal on your Las Vegas home will be conducted via a visual inspection, and will consider market trends, and will look at data based upon the recent sale of similar properties in your area. Your real estate agent can help you prepare your house for its appraisal and ensure you have everything you need for the process to be a success. 

12. Escrow

When you have agreed to the sale of your property, an Escrow is a legal arrangement whereby a third party holds significant sums of money until a specific condition has been met. The condition might be the fulfillment of a purchase agreement or something in relation to mortgage payments, for instance. Escrow is there to protect both buyers and sellers and can also be used to protect property deeds and documents as well as money. Your Las Vegas Realtor can advise on the Escrow process, as well as any fees and documentation that are required to complete the transaction. 

13. Closing, Money & Taxes

Once your home has sold, you can anticipate closing costs to be somewhere around 2% of the home’s total sale price. Unfortunately, people often forget to budget for closing costs, but they’re a critical part of the transaction (unless you’ve found a cash buyer). There are lots of closing costs to consider, and they typically include things like surveys, Escrow fees, property taxes, insurance, and commissions. Your Vegas real estate agent can help you budget for closing fees and taxes and can ensure that you don’t have any unwelcome surprises upon the final sale of your home.

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Part Three: Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Your Home in Las Vegas

Is Now a Good Time to Sell a Home in Las Vegas

You can sell your Las Vegas home at any time of the year and hope to make a profit. Naturally, it’s a good idea to look into the current market trends and determine whether it’s a buyer’s or seller’s market. In addition, working with the right Las Vegas real estate agent can help you sell your home for your desired asking price.

How Long Does it Take to Sell a Home in Las Vegas

It can take anywhere from 0 to 30 days, to a year or more to sell a house in Las Vegas. During August 2021, 87.8% of all homes for sale in Las Vegas were on the market for 30 days or less (check the updated time on market here). Keep in mind several factors can influence the time it takes to sell your property.

How Can I Get the Most Money for Selling My House

Working with the right Las Vegas real estate agent and preparing your house for sale can help set you up to receive the most money for your home. Certain home improvements and simple renovations can also boost the value of your home.

What’s the Fastest Way to Sell a House?

Typically, the fastest way to sell your house is for cash. If you’re selling traditionally, there are lots of things you need to consider to achieve a quick sale. Preparing your home, doing your research, and working with a top Las Vegas Realtor can also help you sell your home more quickly.

What Happens During a Listing Appointment

A listing appointment provides your real estate agent with the chance to get to know you and your property. Be prepared to ask questions, show off your home, and explain your goals and ambitions for the sale. Preparing for a listing appointment is important for both parties and will determine whether you’re a good fit to work together. 

Do Houses Sell Better Empty or Staged

It’s widely accepted that staged homes sell faster than those that are empty. Vacant homes can take up to twice as long as staged homes to sell depending on the market. Professionally staging your home will likely help it sell quicker.

How Much Does it Cost to Sell a House in Las Vegas

When selling your Las Vegas home, you need to budget for a range of closing costs. It can cost up to 2% of the value of your property to sell your home in Las Vegas, but the final closing costs can be influenced by a range of factors.

How Can I Save Money When Selling a Home

Sellers can take a number of steps to save money when selling their homes in Las Vegas. Your Las Vegas real estate agent can advise you on cost-saving tips when selling your home and can help you avoid unnecessary costs, while striving to achieve what you’re looking to make from your home sale.

Can I Sell my Home Without a Realtor

Yes, it’s possible to sell your Las Vegas home without a real estate agent. People who find cash buyers may not need the services of a Realtor, or if you’re opting to list your home as “For Sale by Owner”.

Is For Sale by Owner Worth it

While some people opt to sell their homes independently, the pros of employing a Las Vegas real estate agent may greatly outweigh the cons. While you will save money on commission, you’re also left to deal with back and forth negotiations, different paperwork, scheduling and executing showings, and much more.

Should I Sell My Home or Rent it Out

Ultimately, the decision to sell or rent your home is a personal one. If the rental market is thriving and you don’t need the money upfront, renting your home is a great way of generating a monthly income. You can always speak to a Las Vegas real estate agent about the pros and cons of renting to help you make a decision.

Can I Sell My Home if it Isn’t Paid Off?

Most homes that are sold in the US aren’t fully paid off, as mortgages range from anywhere between 10 and 30+ years. However, if your home has depreciated in value, you may want to avoid selling unless it’s absolutely necessary. If you’re looking to sell, a Las Vegas Realtor can help you.

Is it Better to Fix Up a House or Sell “as is”?

Selling your home “as is” will likely save you money in the short term but could result in a lower sale price. You should carefully weigh up the costs associated with fixing up your Las Vegas home before selling it, to ensure you can recoup some of the costs in your final sale price.

Can I Sell My Home if I’m Behind on My Mortgage?

The short answer is yes, you can sell your home if you’re behind on your mortgage. Some people sell their homes to pay back the money they owe to their lenders. It’s a good idea to explain your situation to a Realtor or get professional advice if you’re behind on your mortgage payments.

Can I Sell My House with a Tax Lien in Nevada

You will need to satisfy the lien on your property before selling or refinancing it, as Nevada is a tax lien state. If property taxes remain unpaid for a period of two years in Nevada, the county will send a second notice of delinquency and likely take action to sell your home.

Can I Sell or Pass Down My Home to My Child

You can rightfully sell or gift your Las Vegas home to your children. But you need to be aware of any inheritance taxes that you will need to pay, as well as the legality surrounding gifts and inheritance, as there are many stipulations you need to consider.

I Inherited the Home. Can I Sell it Probate/Inherited Property

Property that has been inherited can be sold, but there are several steps you will need to take before preparing the property to sell. Issues surrounding probate, trust, and deeds will need to be established, and the relevant documentation needs to be acquired. Selling an inherited home often takes longer than selling a property that you have purchased.

What Happens if My Home Doesn’t Sell? Reasons Why Your Home Didn’t Sell & Things That Can Make it Difficult to Sell your House.

In spite of the best efforts of preparing your home and your real estate agent, you may come to a point where you are unable to sell your home. There could be a whole host of reasons why your home didn’t sell, many of which you should address before putting your property back on the market.

My Home Expired. Why and What Should I Do Next

If your real estate listing has expired, there are several things you can do. It’s best to consider the pricing of your home and speak to your Realtor about any improvements you can make to your home or marketing strategies before reposting it for sale.

Can I Sell a House I Just Bought

There’s nothing stopping you from selling a house that you recently purchased. Perhaps the biggest consideration is whether you can afford to sell a house you just bought, as well as other financial implications of an immediate sale.

How to Sell a House and Buy Another

It’s possible to sell your house and buy another simultaneously. Using the services of the same real estate agent for both transactions can be helpful, particularly if you’re looking to buy and sell in the same area. 

Can I Sell a House with Mold

While you can sell a house with mold, you will probably have to sell your property “as is,” which may result in a lower asking price. Also, you have to disclose that the house has mold to any potential buyer, which may turn them off from purchasing your home. If you can afford to remove the mold before selling your home, it’s a good idea to do so.

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